5 Steps to Wash Your Goose Down Pillows

5 Steps to Wash Your Goose Down Pillows

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Goose down pillows are renowned for their comfort and luxury, but to maintain their loft and softness, they need to be cleaned properly. Washing a goose down pillow can seem daunting, but with the right approach, you can keep your pillow fresh and fluffy. This guide will walk you through the steps to wash and care for your goose down pillow.

Why Wash Your Goose Down Pillow?

Regularly washing your goose down pillow is essential to remove dust mites, sweat, oils, and other impurities that can accumulate over time. Keeping your pillow clean not only extends its lifespan but also ensures a healthy sleeping environment.


1. Check the Care Label

Before you begin, always check the care label on your pillow. The manufacturer’s instructions will provide specific guidance on how to clean your particular pillow.

2. Gather Supplies

  • Mild detergent (preferably one designed for down or delicate fabrics)
  • Large capacity washing machine (front-loading is preferred)
  • Dryer with a low heat setting
  • Clean tennis balls or dryer balls
  • Additional towels (for extra padding in the washing machine)

How to Wash Your Goose Down Pillow

Step 1: Pre-Treat Stains

If your pillow has any stains, pre-treat them with a mild detergent. Apply a small amount of detergent to the stained area and gently rub it in with a soft cloth or sponge. Let it sit for a few minutes before washing.

Step 2: Load the Washing Machine

Place your goose down pillow in a large capacity washing machine. If you have a front-loading washer, it’s preferable as it’s gentler on delicate items. You can wash two pillows at a time to balance the load.

Step 3: Add Detergent

Use a small amount of mild detergent. Too much detergent can leave residues that can clump the down. Look for a detergent specifically formulated for down or delicate fabrics.

Step 4: Select the Wash Cycle

Set your washing machine to a gentle or delicate cycle with cold water. Use an extra rinse cycle to ensure all the detergent is thoroughly removed.

Step 5: Extra Padding

Add a couple of clean towels to the wash. This helps to balance the load and provide extra padding to protect your pillows during the wash cycle.

Drying Your Goose Down Pillow

Step 1: Remove Excess Water

Gently squeeze out as much water as possible from the pillow without wringing it. Be careful not to damage the down filling.

Step 2: Tumble Dry

Place the pillow in the dryer on a low heat setting. High heat can damage the down filling and the pillow fabric. Add a few clean tennis balls or dryer balls to the dryer. These will help to fluff the down and prevent it from clumping.

Step 3: Drying Time

Drying a goose down pillow can take several hours. Periodically check the pillow and fluff it by hand to ensure even drying. Make sure the pillow is completely dry before removing it from the dryer to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Post-Washing Care

1. Fluff and Air Out

After the pillow is completely dry, give it a good fluff to restore its loft. Air it out in a well-ventilated area to remove any remaining moisture and to freshen it up.

2. Use Pillow Protectors

Consider using pillow protectors to keep your goose down pillows cleaner for longer. These protectors can help shield your pillows from sweat, oils, and dust mites.

3. Regular Maintenance

To maintain the quality of your goose down pillows, fluff them daily to keep the down evenly distributed. Air them out regularly to keep them fresh.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid High Heat: Always use a low heat setting in the dryer to prevent damaging the down filling.
  • Do Not Dry Clean: Dry cleaning chemicals can damage the down filling and are not recommended.
  • Frequent Washing: Over-washing can strip the down of its natural oils, reducing its loft and comfort. Wash only when necessary, typically once or twice a year.


Washing your goose down pillow may require some effort, but the results are well worth it. By following these steps, you can ensure that your pillow remains clean, fluffy, and comfortable for many years to come. Regular maintenance and proper care will help you enjoy the luxurious comfort of your goose down pillow every night.