TwistComfort Luxury Goose Down Pillow
TwistComfort Luxury Goose Down Pillow
TwistComfort Luxury Goose Down Pillow
TwistComfort Luxury Goose Down Pillow
TwistComfort Luxury Goose Down Pillow
TwistComfort Luxury Goose Down Pillow

LuxTwist Goose Down Pillow

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Free Cotton Pillowcase With Every Goose Down Pillow!

800 Fill Power 90% Down
SilkenDream™ fabric
Hypoallergenic & No Bleach
Free Cotton Pillowcase
Ethically Sourced & Certified
Ease Your Neck!

With ethically sourced goose down from our own farm, our pillows are humane and clean. All the down feathers are collected from our geese raised on our farm in Australia. All the down has been processed and made hypoallergenic with good breathability and temperature regulation. Our LuxTwist Goose Down Pillow, with its superior 800 Fill Power, offers luxurious softness for all sleep styles, promising deep, uninterrupted rest without compromising your bank!

  • Fabric: SilkenDream™ Luxury Fabric
  • Color: White
  • Filling: 90% White Goose Down
  • Style: Modern with Twisted Surface
  • Features: Silky-smooth, supremely comfortable, and breathable,noiseless with a skin-friendly, down-proof design, durable construction with cloud-like fluffiness and an 800 fill power rating.
  • Origin: Expertly Designed in the USA with Fine Imported Materials
  • Brand: DownyHaven
  • Spot Clean if necessary (Washing Guide)
  • Pillow Protector recommended

Pillows Size Guide

Pillows Inches Centimeters
Standard  20" * 26"  50 X 66 
Queen 20" * 30" 50 X 76
King 20" * 36"  50 X 91

Pillows Size Guide

Pillows Inches Centimeters
Standard  20" * 26"  50 X 66 
Queen 20" * 30" 50 X 76
King 20" * 36"  50 X 91

Pillow thickness and firmness below

Extra Firm
Extra Soft


How did we do it ?


Our ethically sourced goose down undergoes a 33-step cleaning process before they are put into a pillow, including washing, dehydration, high-temperature sterilization, as well as dust and iron removal, improving the cleanliness level of our goose down to a remarkable 1000+.

DownyHaven Vs Others

800 Fill Power , 90% White Goose Dwon

SilkenDream™ , fbric Beyond Silk Luxury

Ethicaly Sourced & Certified

Hypoallergenic & No Bleach

Cheaper direct to consumer prices

At least 80% down in every product

Each pillow comes with a free cotton pillowcase


All You Need for a Restful Sleep.

goose down pillow for all types of sleepers

Tailored for Every Sleeper

From side to back, even stomach sleepers, our pillow molds to your needs, gently supporting your head and neck for a night of blissful dreams and tranquil rest.

Soft & Medium Height goose down pillow

Soft & Medium Height

Dive into the very soft embrace of our pillow, enjoying the perfect medium height designed for those who seek a cloud-like feel without sacrificing support.


Twisted Surface

The unique and sophisticated twisted design infuses your bedroom with elegant style and texture, adding a touch of sophistication to your sanctuary.

Delicate Piping

Elegant piping and meticulous double-needle stitching prevent shedding and elevate durability.

3D Baffle Box

The 3D baffle box structure, with meticulous stitching, evenly distributes the goose down, preventing shifting or clumping. This allows the filling to expand fully, achieving maximum loft and creating a pillow as fluffy as a cloud.

Sleep in Luxury, Wake in Comfort

The DownyHaven pillow delivers the pinnacle of luxurious sleep experiences. Our LuxTwist Goose Down Pillow eliminates the disruptive "crunching" sound often found in feather-down blends, offering a silent night's sleep.

Key Quality Certifications

We uphold stringent quality standards. Among our certifications are: Sanitized, Down Pass, Responsible Down Standard, Business Social Compliance Initiative, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, NOMITE, and Global Recycled Standard.

Frequesntly Asked Questions

An ethically sourced goose down pillow means a pillow filled with down feathers that are obtained in a way that respects animal welfare and ensures ethical treatment of the geese. Here at DownyHaven, we ensure that every feather is collected with the utmost respect for the animals, adhering to strict welfare standards that prohibit live-plucking and force-feeding. Our ethical sourcing philosophy ensures that our luxurious pillows not only provide unparalleled comfort but also peace of mind, knowing they're produced in harmony with nature and animal well-being.

Ethical sourcing directly contributes to the superior quality of our pillows. By ensuring the geese are well-cared for, we obtain down that is of the highest quality, providing unmatched softness, loft, and comfort. This process guarantees that our pillows offer not just luxury, but also durability and resilience.

It’s a good idea to wash your pillow in the washing machine at least every six months. In most cases, washing your pillow is as easy as running it through the wash on a short, gentle cycle – washing down pillows with cool water and low drying cycles. Make sure to use gentle soaps on down alternative and wash pillows together for a balanced load.Washing Guide

Yes, our pillows are designed with allergy sufferers in mind. Our down undergoes a rigorous cleaning process to remove allergens, ensuring our pillows are hypoallergenic. This makes them suitable for users who typically might shy away from down products due to allergies.

Absolutely. DownyHaven is committed to transparency and accountability. Each of our pillows comes with information on its ethical sourcing, including the specific practices employed and the origin of the down. We are dedicated to providing our customers with all the details they need to feel confident in their purchase.